Thankful For Our Manufacturers


DDK is thankful for all of our manufacturers. You can see our line card here.

Some products we would like to feature that have performed well in 2023 are Atkore’s HDPE Conduit, Atkore Cope, Service Wire Co., and KINGWIRE!

Atkore HDPE Conduit is available in both Comm-Line™ and Power-Line™.

Comm-Line is one of the most common conduit solutions for telecommunications and fiber-optic projects across the US. It’s available in 12 colors and an added striping can result in up to 144 variations to meet any project requirement.

Power-Line is a line of conduit used to protect electrical lines. Applications include neighborhood electrical transfer, long distance transfer, municipal applications, and Department of Transportation projects where lines run alongside highways for power to lighting, junction boxes, etc.

Learn more about these products here.


Atkore proudly launched Eagle Basket™, one of the strongest welded wire mesh cable management systems in the industry.

It is offered under their flagship, Cope and U.S. Tray Brands. It is manufactured in the US with high-quality steel wires that create a 2”x4” mesh cable basket to manage and route the growing number of cables necessary to keep an operation running.

Cope Wire Basket Tray is also available. It is produced in standard 10′ lengths and is supplied in three channel depths: 2”, 4”, and 6”.

Learn more here.


Service Wire Co’s XHHW-2 600/1,000 Volt Copper, CT Rated single conductor is stranded and insulated with moisture, heat, and flame resistant, chemically crosslinked polyethylene.

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KINGWIRE 1,000/600 Volt Type XHHW-2 is used as general purpose wiring for up to 1,000 volt rated services in air conduit or other recognized raceways for services, feeders, and branch circuit wiring. It is specified in the National Electrical Code at a max conductor temperature of 90 °C in wet or dry locations.

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