Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Universal Super Fitting 5 pc Couplings (Raintight)

The flexible design of the Atkore patented Universal Super Fitting makes installing conduit faster, safer, and less costly. The unique versatility of our couplings and connectors are a game changer for electrical installations.


  • UL listed for wet locations
  • Universal connecting- threaded to threaded, threaded to unthreaded, unthreaded to unthreaded
  • Versatile fitting – one fitting to replace various rigid HUBs and fittings


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MC Glide Tuff™

There’s a new cable in town. It’s called MC Glide Tuff™, but you’ll call it a miracle. No more backbreaking pulls. No more damaged studs. Just a smoother, faster experience.

We completely rethought the profile of MC Glide™. It’s designed to glide through metal studs and ceilings with ease, without sacrificing flexibility or strength, so you can finish the job in half the time.

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Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)

Allied Tube & Conduit® has been manufacturing Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) for over 50 years.

Our superior coatings and patented flow coat process changed the tubing industry forever. Allied Tube & Conduit® provides E-Z Pull® EMT conduit as well as E-Z Pull® EMT in True Color and Kwik alternatives. In addition to conduit, Allied also manufactures EMT elbows made out of our EMT conduit with the E-Pull coating. Our E-Z Pull® Conduit made with Allied’s superior E-Z Pull® interior coating makes wire pulling easy and provides superior protection for your conductors and cables

E-Z Pull® EMT

Quality electrical metallic tubing with the E-Z Pull interior coating. Hot galvanized steel using patented inline Flo-Coat process for long lasting exterior protection.

True Color EMT

True Color EMT’s is available in 8 vibrant colors to provide instant identification of multiple circuit systems.

Kwik-Fit® EMT

Kwik-Fit EMT is manufactured from high quality steel with a built-in set-screw coupling, eliminating the need to purchase inventory, and install separate couplings. On the job site, installation is much faster and you’ve reduced both material and labor costs. Even clean-up after installation is easier – no clutter of extra couplings and empty boxes!  No separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install.

  • Integral set-screw coupling formed on one end of each length of EMT
  • Fast, two step installation
  • Material and Labor Savings up to 50%*
  • No separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install

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Super Kwik-Couple

Allied Tube & Conduit’s revolutionary Super-Kwik Couple™ allows you to connect GRC to IMC or EMT, or IMC to GRC or EMT whether your conduit is threaded or unthreaded. Save time, save money, and secure more jobs in the wake of all of these savings.

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Cope Launches Eagle Basket

Atkore is proud to announce the launch of EAGLE BASKET™, one of the strongest welded wire mesh cable management systems in the industry. EAGLE BASKET, offered under Atkore’s flagship Cope and U.S. Tray brands, is manufactured in the USA with high-quality steel wires creating a 2″ x 4″ mesh cable basket to manage and route the growing number of cables necessary to keep an operation running. EAGLE BASKET couples durability with an innovative Quick-Latch™ design making it one of the fastest and easiest hardware-free cable management solutions to install.

Cope Wire Basket Tray

Wire basket tray is produced in standard 10′ lengths and is supplied in three channel depths: 2″, 4″, and 6″. The 2″ load depth tray has nominal fill widths ranging from 2″ to 24″ wide, the 4″ load depth has nominal fill widths of 4 to 24″ wide, and the 6″ load depth tray has fill width ranging from 6″ to 24″ wide.

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